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A Little Lovely Company Backpack

An A Littel Lovely Company backpack is one of the cutest things, for both boys and girls. The backpacks are available in different sizes, so they can be used from the daycare child to the kindergarten child. The cute backpacks from A Litlle Lovely Company are available with their popular characters like Unicorn, Dinosaur, Clouds and Dogs.  

The backpack is perfect for the picnic, the outing, or for the nightgown and sleeping bear when the child is sleeping out with grandma or grandpa. The backpack has the finest colours and fun motifs. In line with the other Inteteriør products from A Little Lovely Company. No compromise on quality and design here

Use the backpacks for extra diapers, changing clothes, afternoon naps, outings or something completely 3. The backpacks are the perfect size for most purposes. And the little ones will love the backpack.  

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