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A Little Lovely Company Piggy bank

The piggy banks from A Little Lovely Company as elephant bat and butterfly

Here you will find the cutest piggy banks from A Little Lovely Company. They are just so beautiful! The piggy bank is a "must have" for the children's room. Kids will love saving money while having fun.

At the same time, the piggy banks are super decorative and contribute to an environment where your child can live in a world full of imagination, fun and joy. The piggy banks are created in fun and whimsical characters that put a smile on your face! You'll find the butterfly, bat and elephant characters in grey and pink. The piggy bank opens by turning the head.

The piggy bank is made of BPA and phthalate free PVC - completely safe for your child to play with!

Save money with your child with the piggy banks from A Little Lovely Company
The lovely piggy banks from A Little Lovely Company are also great for your child to play with. They are soft and have the cutest round shapes. If you need to save for a new toy, the piggy banks are perfect. With the little stopper in the bottom, you can take out the money and see if you have saved enough or if you need more money in the piggy bank. 
The piggy bank from A Little Lovely company comes as an elephant in pink and in light grey for the slightly cooler ones, there is a bat, and for the sweet little girls, a little butterfly. So now there is plenty of opportunity to save up, and so filled the piggy bank

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