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RUG Solid

RUG Solid - Eco-friendly carpets made of recycled materials

At RUG Solid carpets we have found the most fantastic carpets in various recycled materials. A RUG Solid rug is hand-knotted / hand-woven, resulting in a firm and delicious rug. A RUG Solid rug is produced in a small village near New Delhi, where RUG Solid has gradually become a well-known and respected part of the town.
Here, the beautiful handmade rugs are produced in a sustainable project. For all the rugs only leftover materials from the global textile industry are used, except of course for the beautiful rugs woven from old bicycle tubes.
They also produce rubber rugs that are perfect for the bathroom, for example, as they can withstand getting wet.

If you are environmentally friendly and want to recycle, these lovely rugs are an option. You can buy them cheaply online and get decorating.

Leather rugs - Rugs with a raw edge in beautiful design

The beautiful leather rugs from RUG Solid, are produced from recycled skins from the leather industry. The skins are cut into thin strips and then woven into the most beautiful rugs. The rugs give edge and raw decor and fit perfectly with the Danish and Nordic decor. The rugs are available in different colours and sizes, and can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and in your hallway. The rugs are easy to clean, just vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth once in a while.

Carpets made from bicycle inner tubes - Raw and rustic carpets

The carpets are hand-knotted from old bicycle inner tubes and are unique. The bicycle hoses are all collected in India, in the local area around the factory, and cycled out to the factory. Here the hoses are cut into strips, and with good handwork and skill, the strips become the most beautiful rugs. The rugs are completely unique, and have the matte black colour that you know from bicycle snakes. The rugs are very raw in their expression, and fit perfectly with high glass kitchen and cabinets.
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