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Batman Bat

If you're looking for something fun and cool for the boys' room, you've come to the right place.
Here we've gathered all the best we can find for the cool kid who loves Batman and bats.
Batman products are suitable for both the little boy who needs a cute crib, or the slightly older boy who needs a more consistently cool Batman theme to the room.
Everything from posters to pillows, lamps and piggy banks. The products allow you to create the perfect BATMAN Bat atmosphere in your child's room
The garland and urn are so lovely to hang by the changing area, or above the bed for the slightly older boys. If you have a really cool girl, then the Batman products are of course also suitable for all the cool girls who love Batman or bats.

Batman Bat garland and gurilande from Gamcha

Gamcha have produced some of the finest garlands and uroer with Batman Bat. The
Batman urns are produced in  lovely New Zealand wool, and hang so nicely over the changing table. Then there is some fun for baby to look at.
If you're decorating for the slightly bigger cool kid, then the baturoys are perfect too. Who wouldn't love to have a Batman bat hanging inside their room
The lovely felt items from Gamcha are all made in Nepal from the finest New Zealand wool.
All products are handmade, in super nice quality and very harmonious colours.

Batman Bat Lamp and Piggy Bank from A Little Lovely Company

If you want some cosy lighting in the kids room, then the BAT bat lamp which is rechargeable is perfect. It provides a cute and fun light and it's actually kind of cool too. If the cool kid needs to save up, maybe for new Batman bat stuff, well then the Batman piggy bank might be just the thing.
The piggy bank has a stopper at the bottom so savings can be taken out and counted.
A ittle Lovely Company provides the loveliest lighting for the kids. All lamps have LED lights so they don't get hot and aren't dangerous for kids to play with.
Most children's lamps use small batteries that are all securely enclosed by small screws.

Deko my dear 

The nice wall stickers allow for a little something extra on the wall where the batman bat theme is to appear.

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