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Soft bedspreads in beautiful colours

The bedroom is one of those rooms where you spend a lot of your time. Even if you sleep in most of them, it's still important to have an inviting space. If you're going for a modern and relaxed look, your interiors should match this. The bed is the room's largest and most important piece of furniture. Therefore, it should carry the style. A blanket for the bed is one of the things that brings the room to life.

ByDahlLiving carries a wide range of home furnishings. We have gathered many quality brands that design beautiful rugs for your single bed or your double bed. Discover Ib Laursen rugs in calm, Nordic colours and create a personal style in your bedroom. If you order online from us, you'll often find a great deal on a beautiful bedspread for your home.

Blankets for the bed in delicious quality

Bedspreads shouldn't just look good. They should also be soft, comfortable and made of good quality materials. The rugs in our range have been carefully selected with design and quality in mind. You'll find beautiful styles in velour, cotton and polyester. Shades abound - cognac, vintage mustard, historic blue, olive green, light green, white with polka dots and many more.

A stylish bedspread should add style to your space. Match your bedding, your bedside table, the decor on the wall - indeed, everything in the room - with the gorgeous rug. That way, you'll have a calm space that invites relaxation and many nights of good sleep.

The bedspread isn't just beautiful. It's practical too. On those days when you don't feel like making your bed or changing your bedding, you can hide it away with the nice blanket on your bed. You can also combine the blanket with soft pillows. Place them on top of the bed and together they create a really inviting bed. One you'll want to throw yourself into as soon as you see it!

Buy the perfect bedspread at ByDahlLiving. We stock a great selection of many fine shades and designs, including from Ib Laursen. You're sure to find a great rug to match your bed size and style. Of course, we deliver both quickly and cheaply - right to your door.

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