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Bloomingville Blankets and pillows

Beautiful pillows and throws from Bloomingville

Soft blankets and lovely cushions. They are indispensable in every home. For those cold winter evenings. Summer cosiness on the terrace. Or just for decoration. When you want to make your home cosy and complete it with exclusive home furnishings, Bloomingville cushions and Bloomingville plaids are the obvious choice. The beautiful designs are not just practical. They are created with the idea of adding joy to your home. At the same time, they are incredibly trendy. You'll also find the most beautiful vases that will go perfectly with your cushions. Cushions and throws are also an essential complement to your outdoor space, combined with Bloomingville's outdoor furniture.

In the range at ByDahlLiving you will find both fine cushions and plaids in yellow, grey, green, pink, multi-coloured - and many other colours. Bloomingville has created accessories for every taste and style that will perfectly match your sofa. You can discover cushions in several sizes like 60x60cm, 45x45cm, 60x40cm. Plaids are typically 160x130cm in size. Explore and find great deals. ByDahlLiving always has a cheap rug for your interior.

Create cosiness with Bloomingville plaids and cushions

Denmark is a true master of "cosiness". We have created the world-famous concept. In fact, it is probably only us who understand the full meaning of the word. Bloomingville, as a Danish brand, has a great understanding of creating home accessories that exude style, but also complete the cosiness of the home. The brand is driven by creating home accessories, such as cushions and plaids, that emanate warmth and something informal. These are important cornerstones of "cosiness".

Stay warm and enjoy a cosy evening on the sofa with a soft woven rug in a fashionable blue. It's comfortable to wrap around you as you enjoy a fun movie or read a good book. When not in use, it adds beauty and style to your sofa. You can also create a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom with pillows on the bed. Choose pink pillows to create a romantic and calm look. Combine with pillows in other sizes and colours.

Bloomingville cushions are made of comfortable cotton materials. The lovely plaids are also available in delicious cotton and with fine fringes at the ends. All are sewn with care for quality and with attention to fine details. Some even with 100% recycled materials.

The quality is really good when you shop Bloomingville. That's why we recommend their delicious products for the decor of your living room and the rest of your home. You'll find a great selection here in the shop. Buy for more than 299 DKK online and get free delivery.

See our great range from Bloomingville here

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