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Bloomingville Mini

Bloomingville Mini - Interiors for children's rooms

Bloomingville Mini is the perfect choice for your children's room.
Here you will find rugs with beautiful and fun motifs. Try the fun bucket blanket, for example.   Cute bedding in both baby, junior and adult sizes.

If you need tableware and cutlery for the little ones, Bloomingville Mini is also the supplier here. They have the prettiest plates and mugs with faces and big smiles, and glasses and cutlery to match.

It's also under this brand that you'll find lots of different toys. The most beautiful wooden toys, in shapes like ice cream, cake or breakfast, make for lots of fun games.

Bloomingville Mini stands for the romantic and sweet style, which fits perfectly into all little boys' and girls' rooms. Immerse yourself in their beautiful designs and be inspired.

This is also where you will find the very popular Birthday Train, a must-have on every child's birthday table. If you are decorating a children's room then this is definitely the category to hunt in! Please also check out our Bloomingville baskets, there are so many to mix and match with the lovely

Check out our huge range from Bloomingville HERE
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