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Bloomingville Vase

Bloomingville vases with unique shapes

Bloomingville vases come in all kinds of beautiful and modern designs. If you buy a vase from Bloomingville, you can really bring life into your home. They are available in colours such as green, grey, brown and blue. With a face painted on, as a glass vase, ceramic vase or in brass metal. The style is very Scandinavian, while several vase designs have tones of a bohemian style, a very elegant look or something completely minimalist. The vases are all quite unique and therefore perfect for those who want something more interesting than that typical glass vase


Explore our selection of Bloomingville vases and find your favourite design. We always ship for free when you shop for more than $299.

Elegant vases from Bloomingville

Vases aren't just made for putting flowers in water. They also work extremely effectively as decoration in the living room or any other room of the home. Bloomingville vases are particularly multifunctional. They let you highlight your bouquets in a stylish way or decorate the room with interiors that are more than just "trinkets". The vases from Bloomingville are available in many fine materials, colours and patterns. Whether you choose a vase from the brand in stoneware, glass or metal - it is always a trendy choice.

The kitchen is a room that needs freshness. You can easily do this with a beautiful bouquet or a lovely plant. Match it to the style of the kitchen with a Bloomingville vase in natural-coloured stoneware, or mix it with flower pots in lovely colours

The living room also provides an opportunity to bring out the beautiful vase. Bring nature in with a pretty bouquet in one of Bloomingville's unique glass vases with grooves, buds or beautiful patterns. The guest room should be an inviting space. You can easily ensure this with decorative vases from Bloomingville in green that come in a set. You can add charm to the entrance with a beautiful floor vase in brass

- put dried flowers in it and create a fashionable look!

Shop your vases from Bloomingville online with us. You can always get a bargain! It's cheap to shop for quality home interiors with us. We often have great deals and always ship your new vases within 2-8 days.

See our huge range from Bloomingville HERE
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