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At you will find a large selection of products from various brands in the gastronomy, home decoration and children's room.
Delicious gourmet specialities from Nicolas Vahe, and specialities from THY from the company THYA. Beautiful Smoke glasses from Broste CPH and the lovely Nordic Sand set
If you are shopping for themes for the children's room, we have a large selection within the Sky theme, Batman / superhero theme and princess theme.
Beautiful posters from bla, Livink and A Little Lovely company, as well as the lovely SNAP frames from Novoform, look so pretty in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. Gamcha is a specialist in beautiful trophies and hangers for the children's room, produced in Nepal from the most beautiful felt.Gourmet products from Nicolas Vahe take up a large part of our gastronomy
We love the wonderful spice salts and oils, and then it does not matter that they are decorative to have on display on the kitchen table. For the living room, you will find the beautiful Braid pillows from Livink, beautiful knotted pillows in delicious quality. Livink is also behind the very popular MoodCup KISS which is produced in collaboration with an Israeli ceramist. For the children's room you will find a large selection of storage bags in heavy quality and wallsticker of the batman, dots, stars and lightning, from the wonderful Deko My Dear
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