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Beautiful and slightly different things find their way to Bydahlliving,dk. Often the smaller brands, or perhaps the craftsman who makes the most beautiful things.
At you will find, among other things, the beautiful long-haired Icelandic lambskins. No artificial colour, just the colour the sheep have when they graze on the green hills of Iceland. The skins are tanned without creams, so the environment is also taken into account with these beautiful skins. In beautiful Iceland, the sheep have been out on the hills most of the year, and it's the all-natural version of lambskin you get when you buy lambskins from us.  
Our Icelandic lambskins are of very high quality and are very longhaired. The beautiful lambskins are absolutely perfect in the garden chair on a warm summer evening, or in the favourite chair inside the living room. At our place lambskins are a must both in the living room, but also on the kitchen chairs, and in the old armchair

At home with us from, it is often the slightly funny and perhaps the slightly dirty things that find their way into our decor. It's no secret that we love the good flea finds  and all the beautiful Danish design classics. We love to mix it with all the new wonderful brands, but also the small upcommers must be room for - and you will find them here at 
Many of the beautiful finds you see on this page, are found around Denmark. Small artisans who may not yet have become a brand, or may not even want to become a big name. 

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