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Champagne glass

Beautiful champagne glasses for any celebration

Looking for exciting champagne glass offers? There's nothing like popping a bottle of bubbly at festive events. But it takes beautiful champagne glasses to serve the bubbles in style. They need to match the theme of the event and go well with the rest of your table settings and decor. The champagne glass is just an elegant glass, and it really sets the mood to serve the bubbly in it at classic occasions like New Year. Who wouldn't want to toast in style?

In our range you'll find a host of really fine glasses for champagne, cava and prosecco. These include brands such as Broste Copenhagen and Hübsch. These brands are known for their Scandinavian and stylish look in all the interiors they stand behind. Their champagne glasses are certainly no exception. Here you get glasses with an elegant, Scandinavian and accomplished look. Whether you like the classic and rounded champagne glass or you like a little edge, you will find a beautiful glass here in the webshop. The glasses are sold in packs of 4.

The champagne glass comes in an incredible variety of shapes, colours and styles. Even if it is a very concrete glass with a specific purpose, you can still easily get a glass that stands out. This way you can create a personal style on the table or for the festive event. Serve that sparkling wine or other fine vintage in anything from a perfectly clear glass with fine grooves to a classic, rounded glass in amber, or how about a more rustic champagne glass in a smoky colour? You'll find glasses in a range of sizes, but typically they hold around 20 cl. It goes well with a normal serving of bubbles.

Pop the cork on your bottle of bubbly and bring out the glass when you're hosting dinner and have something special to celebrate. Shop for these fine glasses for the big wedding. Or take it out on a regular day when you just want a glass of fresh, tangy flavour. It takes a delicious glass of bubbly to celebrate any victory in life - both for everyday and festive occasions. The champagne glass adds a very special mood to the moment and also reminds you of the sweet and the good in this life.

Take a closer look at all the beautiful champagne glasses here in the webshop. Remember that the glasses can be purchased in sets of 4 - and that they are delivered free of charge for purchases over 299 DKK.

Discover great champagne glass offers

Champagne itself goes back quite a few years, but it was in the 18th century that Dom Pérignon, the Benedictine monk and cellar master from the abbey of Hautvillers, perfected the fizz of champagne. When his invention was in house, he is said to have said "I drink stars", which is a great description of the feeling that many people get when they enjoy a glass of champagne.

The district of Champagne itself is in France, and only sparkling wines from here can officially call themselves Champagne. Other varieties from Italy or Spain must go under the name of sparkling wine. Today, there are a myriad of different types of "champagnes", made from different grapes and with variations in ageing and scent.

What about the champagne glass? It actually has some history and explanation behind it too. There are two types of champagne glass. These are called Flûte and Coupe. The Flûte is the very classic, elongated and slender glass that most people know and associate with champagne. Coupe is a lower and wider glass, it is almost a kind of bowl. Although the champagne bowl gives a diffuse experience of the bubbles, it is with a Flûte that the champagne should taste at its very best.

Besides the fact that the champagne glass is important for the taste of the sparkling liquid, it is also very important for a stylish table setting in the home. In our wide range of beautiful glasses you will find many fine designs. Discover coloured glass, clear and simple glass, glass with grooves or bubble pattern on the glass. All the fine designs are of course of really good quality. In mouth-blown glass and with incredibly fine details. The mouth-blown glasses are all unique and have their own details in the glass. As the glasses all have a very aesthetic appearance, you will definitely be able to find some beautiful glasses that will go well with your table settings and tableware such as plates.

The champagne glass can adorn the home for an incredible number of events. It is both a practical and decorative glass. You can use it to serve the bubbly in real style, whether it's at the wedding, reception, New Year's Eve or graduation party. As soon as you carry the fine glasses of champagne from the kitchen and onto the dining table, a festive atmosphere will spread. It's a drink and a glass we all associate with celebration, colour and festivity. Go with the fine and amber glasses to the elegant

wedding party, where you want to stand out a little and add some pretty shades to the table. Want to keep it simple and minimalist? Then go with the clear and simple glasses. The beautiful champagne glasses with bubbles in the glass from Broste Copenhagen are also a beautiful and decorative choice for the elaborate reception table. There are many beautiful glasses to choose from - and the choice, it's completely up to you. Whichever glass you choose, it will undoubtedly set the mood for your party as soon as the bubbly is poured into the glass.

Really want to serve champagne in style? That requires not only nice glasses, but also a nice champagne fork. With one, you can create an entertaining element when serving champagne. But remember to practice before you go sabre shopping, so you don't waste too many of those good bubbles. Once the champagne bottle is cut, you can serve the sweet and sour liquid in your fine glasses in an elegant and rustic way. It's sure to be a festive experience for your guests.

Shop your champagne glass offers online at ByDahlLiving. We always have fine glasses for bubbles cheaply and at a great price. We always ship fast!

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