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Chic Antique Lanterns

Chic Antique lanterns in romantic style

A Chic Antique lantern an epitome of accomplished design, romantic style, French barn and incredibly beautiful materials. The company has been around since 2005 and was inspired by summers in the South of France, where the two owners often went to markets and made unique finds. Each design is created with a focus on the French country style, but also with an idea to bring the vintage look back into Scandinavian interior design. With the motto "Dreams must be lived, otherwise they remain dreams..", Chic Antique has brought an incredible number of exquisite styles into Scandinavian homes. ByDahlLiving is a proud retailer of this Danish interior brand, which offers a wealth of exquisite lanterns in beautiful style. You can discover lanterns in everything from wicker and rattan to rustic iron and retro glass. Particularly popular are the fine lanterns in a beautiful cream colour and romantic expression. Shop all the beautiful designs from Chic Antique in our online shop and find a great deal on a fine lantern from our range.

Spoil your home with a charming lantern

Lanterns are great for creating an authentic cosy atmosphere. Especially when the design of the lantern itself is also charming and beautiful. This is certainly the case with the beautiful styles from Chic Antique. Their home furnishings and lanterns are designed with inspiration from French country style and with the ambition to realise a real vintage look.

The romantic lanterns fit in anywhere in the home, whether your style is completely classic or also a little modern. The French-inspired designs will enchant any home with their well-executed charm. Place them in the conservatory, on the terrace, outside your front door, in the entrance hall or inside the living room. They are beautiful to have both indoors and outdoors. With candles inside, they are an atmospheric piece of home decor that will take your interior to new heights.

We always have great prices and deals on your new Chic Antique lantern. Buy it cheap today, we stock many of the brand's great designs

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