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Children's lamps

Whatever the age of the children, cosy lighting in the room is something all children like. Use the children's lamps from A Little Lovely Company in this category for imaginative lighting that solves several needs at once. For example, use Lightbox from A Little Lovely Company as lighting and let your child play with numbers and spelling at the same time. Use light chains from Happy Lights as decorative lighting in the den of your child's room or use the A Little Lovely Company lamps as wake-up lights for you child - then there are no dangerous dreams because of the dark. The cute children's lamps shaped like Cloud, Unicorn, T Rex, Batman and many others. are super popular among the little ones. All the lamps from A Little Lovely Company and Happy Lights are LED and ensure a long life.
Find posters for the children's room from A Little Lovely Company here and the elegant frame from Novoform here. A perfect match for deliciously soft and colourful lighting.

Remember - if you order before 12 noon, your items will be shipped the same day. Buy for 299,- and shipping is free!


Buy the popular children's lamps with clouds here

At A Little Lovely Company they design children's interiors in lovely soft shapes and mostly in beautiful pastel colours. The lamps are no exception. The cute little clouds come in light blue, pink and white. The children's lamps have LED lights, so the children can play with their lamps, and they are fitted with timers, so the lamps switch themselves off after 15 minutes.

Here you will find the very popular children's lamps with unicorn and T Rex

If you want to decorate for the little princess, check out the cutest little unicorn lamp. The children's lamp is made of Thalat free PVC and has the most beautiful colours. A super cute little Unicorn for the little princess. It's so cute. The T REX and Dinosaur children's lamps can also be found under the Children's lamps category. Here too, the lamps are fitted with timers that switch off after 15 minutes.

All our children's lamps are LED so they don't get hot. The children can play with the lamps and they can sleep with them, safe and sound.

Lightboxes from A Little Lovely Company with 2 years guarantee

Use the beautiful lightbox to write funny, cute or crazy texts. Write a little greeting to your guests, or make a little poem. The lightbox is available in white, black, pink and mint green. The lightbox uses batteries, but it is also possible to buy an adapter for it, so it can plug into regular power. The lightbox comes with a pack of basic letters. If you want a bit more fun with your lightbox, then you need to buy one of the fun symbol and letter packs.
As the only lightbox on the market, the  Lightbox from A Little Lovely Company comes with a 2 year warranty.

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