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Children's suitcase

Toy case with unicorn, cloud and ghost - The hiding place for your favourite toys

In this category you will find the cutest children's suitcases. You will find them for both boys and girls. The suitcases from A Little Lovely Company are perfect for the toothbrush, the nightwear and the sleeping bag when you have to sleep out.
If you're at home, they're great for your favourite toys. There are many hours of storage in these suitcases. Around the house, the suitcases hold little figurines that are found from time to time, and then of course they are used extensively when packing a little bag for sleepovers with the grandparents.
The children's suitcases feature the unicorn, the cute little pink horse with wings and  clouds in both blue and pink. The suitcase with the ghost BOO is in a lovely green colour and with the cute ghost BOO.  The suitcases are all so nice to use in the decor, for storage. And then they can be taken out to play with your favourite toys, which might be stored in one of the nice suitcases

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