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Cocktail glass / Drinking glass

Elegant cocktail glasses for your table

Good cocktail glass offers? ByDahlLiving sells a wide range of beautiful cocktail glasses for all kinds of colourful and tasty cocktails. After all, it takes a beautiful and elegant glass to drink your cocktail in style. A simple water glass doesn't quite work for the purpose. Especially if you have guests and want to set a beautiful table. In our webshop you can discover the most stylish and elegant glasses for drinks from brands such as Broste Copenhagen. All are carefully selected with a focus on offering you beautiful and trendy glasses for the table that match your modern decor.

The range in our interior webshop includes all kinds of fine glasses for drinks. Whether you like a White Russian, Long Island Iced tea, Bloody Mary or a good Martini, you will find the glass here with us. All are made in a simple and timeless Scandinavian design. This means that the glasses can adorn your home for many years. While you're playing bartender at home on a Friday night or setting up for the most beautiful cocktail party with your girlfriends. With elegant glasses, you can certainly create the right party atmosphere - serve a cosmopolitan in the cocktail glass in the very best Sex and the city style, for example. When not in use, the glasses can also decorate your bar in the corner of the living room or on your roll-top table. It's a decorative form of interior that also creates style and atmosphere when not in use.

Cocktail glasses come in all sorts of shapes, colours and designs. Here in the shop, we've gathered some really delicious styles for your drinks. These fine glasses can be used for a multitude of different drinks, for example as a beautiful martini glass. But you can also use them to mix a daiquiri or a whole third drink. Whatever your favourite drink is, it will shine with beauty in a beautiful cocktail glass. The glasses in our range come in several sizes such as 20 cl and in coloured glasses such as amber, smoke and bubble pattern. The beautiful colours are timeless and simple. At the same time, they don't take the focus off your colourful drink. They actually add a little elegance to the drink.

Find the perfect cocktail glasses online here at ByDahlLiving. We often have great deals on sets with more than just one glass. Of course, you get free shipping when you shop for great glasses for your collection for more than £299.

Set the table with beautiful glasses for cocktails

There are all kinds of glasses for cocktails. One of the ones most people know best is the martini glass. This has its origins back in the 1800s and was actually used before people even invented the drink martini. Back then, it was simply called a cocktail glass. Today, the martini glass is also often used to mix drinks and cocktails of all kinds. You don't necessarily have to choose the "correct" glass for your drink. Just make sure the glass looks good and is roughly the right size for the amount you're serving. Then you're pretty far along.

When investing in good glasses for cocktails, it is often a must that they are of good and durable quality, while the design is nice to look at. ByDahlLiving exclusively sells home accessories and tableware from the best and trendiest home brands right now. That's why you can always count on good quality and contemporary designs when you shop for glassware and other home furnishings with us. The fine drinking glasses in our range from Broste Copenhagen, for example, are made of mouth-blown glass. This gives the glasses a nice character and a really fine and unique look. They are thus both practical and decorative, in that they adorn your table with style, but also meet your need for nice glasses for drinks.

Setting the table for festive events? You'll need some nice cocktail glasses to put on the dining table after the big dinner is over. The right glasses can really add to the atmosphere. Who doesn't crave a delicious drink just as soon as they see a nice cocktail glass?

Carry the glasses with drinks on a nice serving board or tray. That way, you can mix your drinks in the kitchen and avoid spilling on the table. You can also line the table beautifully with the cocktail glasses when you have something to celebrate with your guests. It could be for a beautiful and colourful welcome drink, just a glass of champagne or cool martini. In the summer, you can also take the glasses out to the garden table and enjoy delicious cocktails on those warm summer evenings. There are plenty of options when it comes to using your drinking glasses - what occasion doesn't call for a great drink in a beautiful glass?

Which glasses should you choose? As well as choosing a glass that's suitable for the drinks you want to make, you also need to think about the look of the glass. It's great if the glass has a timeless design, so you won't get tired of looking at it. It also needs to match your tableware and plates. Just so you can set the table beautifully with

with the glasses for birthdays, cosy dinners, Christmas parties or New Year's Eve. In our range you will find several fine glasses for cocktails. All of them are designed in a simple design, but also in nice and coloured glass. This allows you to add some personality and charm to your table. At the same time, the coloured or patterned glass also gives a nice look together with a colourful drink.

Do you often have many guests? Then it's a good idea to invest in up to 12 cocktail glasses. That way, you'll be well covered if you suddenly have a large group of guests at home and you need to make drinks for them all. It's just great to be able to serve your fine drinks in the same glass. It adds a finishing touch to the table.

Buy your cocktail glasses for stylish table setting at home from ByDahlLiving. You'll always find elegant sets of several glasses at a great price. We carry a host of inexpensive drink glasses for your collection of decorative glasses.

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