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Modern coffee tables in stylish designs

Looking for a great coffee table deal? You've come to the right place. Buy a modern coffee table at ByDahlLiving. We have a wealth of designs, sizes and shades to choose from. Whether you're into the rustic and authentic, the classic and traditional, the modern and simple - we've got the perfect coffee table for your home style.

The coffee table is a must in the home. More precisely, in the living room, where it should create a gathering point for the family, as well as serve as a piece of furniture for storage or for dining at. The coffee table has many functions. But at the same time, it also needs to fit in with the style of the room. It should not only match your sofa or armchair, but also the rest of the interior you have filled your room with. Precisely because there are so many personal and unique ways to decorate, we carry a wide range of beautiful coffee tables. You can discover new and trendy designs from furniture brands like Broste Copenhagen, Muubs, Bloomingville, Chic Antique, Leitmotiv, House Doctor, Hübsch, Ib Laursen, Kilroy and many more. All these brands are selected because of their high quality and their amazing focus on stylish and trendy styles.

As well as matching your décor, the coffee table should also match your sofa or armchair. That means in shape and size. In our range you will find coffee tables in round, square or oval designs, large or small, with castors, drawers or with storage space underneath. You'll find a host of functional coffee table designs to meet your living room needs. Shades are plentiful too. Whether you prefer a classic table in light or dark wood, a simple coffee table with a clear glass top or a colourful sofa table in green marble, we've got your new coffee table covered.

Explore the full range here in the webshop and be amazed by the many unique and aesthetic designs. We stock coffee tables to suit every taste - all made from stylish, high-quality materials. Remember that when you order for at least 299 DKK, we will send your order free of charge.

Renew your living room with a beautiful coffee table

The coffee table has been around for many years. It used to be more like a coffee table that you rolled up when it was time for afternoon coffee or tea. In the 20th century, however, it became more common to have a coffee table in the living room, just like we have today. Now you can't even step into a living room without being greeted by a sofa or armchair with a table in front or next to it. The coffee table is where we gather, or where we keep magazines or put our hot cup of coffee while we lean back in the armchair.

Personal style and unique interior design are in abundance today. That's why we carry a wide range of coffee tables in a variety of materials and shades. Whether you're into modern marble, cool glass, traditional wood, rustic iron, simple steel or natural bamboo wicker, we've got a gorgeous coffee table just for you. Whether it's solid oak, white metal or black rattan, it's up to you. We've gathered the best coffee tables just to give you a wonderful selection for an elegant, Scandinavian or just completely minimalist and stylish interior.

Sofa table shopping at ByDahlLiving is of course focused on good quality. We have selected some of the best brands and styles on the market. You will therefore find coffee tables in different designs and price ranges, but always made of good quality materials. You can therefore count on a beautiful coffee table with a long life. Some coffee tables are made of maintenance-free materials, while others, such as those made of solid wood, require regular treatment with oil or other care products.

The living room is the obvious room for the coffee table. But it can also be used elsewhere in the home. With a beautiful set of coffee tables in different sizes, you can create a great spot for a lamp, plant or other decoration in the hallway, office or bedroom. Just as many of the very small coffee tables can also double as a nice bedside table. You'll also find several coffee table designs that can be used as storage or decorative tables in the bathroom. This category is thus full of endless possibilities for how you can decorate your home with good style.

Create an elegant look in the living room with a beautiful marble/brass coffee table next to the armchair or in a corner by itself. It's a beautiful location for storing your big stack of colorful magazines. You can also carry off the rustic and modern style with a set of staggered coffee tables in a square design with a clean and light grey look. Or how about a colourful coffee table in orange with two shelves? Place it next to the sofa or use it as a storage table in the colourful kitchen. Looking for a more romantic and authentic look? Then a square iron/wood table is for you. You can store ornaments and such under the glass top in the lid. Find all these and many more beautiful styles in our coffee table range on this site.

Do you dream of sitting with a soft cushion on your back and enjoying a good film on the TV? That doesn't just require a great armchair or a comfy sofa. It also requires a functional and stylish coffee table on which you can place your snacks and drinks. You'll find it online at ByDahlLiving. We carry a wide range of coffee tables on offer - buy a modern coffee table in a stylish design at a reasonable price today!

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