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Frames and Mirrors

Discover elegant mirrors with great details

Every hallway, wardrobe, bedroom or walk-in needs a good mirror. One place to put your hair or makeup. Whether it's a wall or floor mirror, we've got you covered. Our range includes many exclusive brands such as Muubs, Kilroy, Ib Laursen, Hübsch, Broste Copenhagen and Bloomingville mirrors.

Discover everything from a round mirror to an oval or how about one with a strap? You'll find many beautiful designs for the home to complement your minimalist or romantic home style. The range at ByDahlLiving offers a little bit of everything. Large wall mirrors. Small table mirrors. Floor standing mirrors. Mirrors with shelves. We have exclusive styles for every need.

Decorate with beautiful frames and mirrors in all colours

Small mirror on the wall that.. Frames and mirrors have become popular as interiors in recent years. They no longer just fulfil a practical need - to look in the mirror or frame a picture - they also act as decorative elements. They are interiors that should be part of your style. That's why they need to be made in just the right designs, colours and materials.

Gold? Brass? Copper? Bamboo? Black metal? Wood? You'll find the mirror of your dreams in our range. All are made from beautiful quality materials that will adorn your wall for years to come. But where in your home should it hang or stand?

In the hallway, create a welcoming atmosphere with beautiful wall art from Broste Copenhagen - choose a hexagonal wall mirror or a beautiful model consisting of five, small round mirror surfaces. In the bedroom, place a simple table mirror on your dresser or nightstand. So you have a great place to cleanse your skin or get ready for a party. Hübsch is behind some nice models where the mirror itself can be tilted in its stand. In the living room, you can decorate the wall with not only your fine photos, but also a personalised frame for them. A light or black oak frame brings your photos to life.

Want to frame your photos in style? Or do you dream of a decorative mirror that can be an aesthetic part of your interior? We carry many wonderful products on offer that are sure to meet your expectations. Buy online at ByDahlLiving and get your mirror or frames delivered at a low price.

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