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Interior design and Gastronomy

The hottest, funniest and finest for all worlds!

You will find the most delicious products for your interior design from among others Nicolas Vahé, Deko My Dear, Gamcha, Felius Design. Hübsch, House Doctor, Bloomingville, Broste Copenhagen, Novoform, A Little Lovely Company. And the best thing is that we always have full focus on home decor, to find new delicious products for you, indern for home decor, interior design and gastronomy, as a customer of When we select products for our home decor and gastronomy we put great emphasis on quality and design. For us, Danish and Nordic brands are important, just as we place great emphasis on sustainability and ecology. At Bydahlliving you will find beautiful tableware from Broste CPH bla, the wonderful smoke glasses and plates and bowls Nordic Sand. The wonderful sofa cushions from Livink Braird Pillow in super nice quality, have also found their way to our shop. We are always keen to find the latest trends at great prices. Don't forget to check out the delicious organic products from Humdakin. Beautiful cleaning products, hand soap and hand lotion. All mild and gentle on the hands, and with a lovely scent of sea buckthorn, chamomile and sage. Their eco-friendly bath towels are a chapter in themselves. They are lovely and soft. So if you care a little about the environment, the products from Humdakin are definitely for you.

Gastronomy at

Gastronomy is a big part of Here you will find all the wonderful and delicious products from Nicolas Vahe. You will find both the delicious spices, seasoning salt and olive oil with delicious taste, but also pesto, jam, dressing and other accessories for the food have found their way to The spices look great in the kitchen, as their design makes them easy to keep on display. The products are also suitable as hostess gifts. Try checking out our new category with packages for both hostess gifts as well as christening gifts. Who wouldn't love to receive such a delicious gift. If you love to cook good food, then the gourmet products from Nicolas Vahe are a must, just like the delicious kitchen products like the Akacie cutting board, pizza board and tapas board help to serve your delicious food beautifully. Newest brand in the shop is Specialities from THY. We have found the wonderful brand THYA which produced some organic salts as well as jams and mustards. All inspired by the beautiful THY National Park.

Pamper your home

Interior design

Home decoration brings great joy to our everyday lives. We at are always on the lookout for the latest trends and colours for our interior design. We love the Nordic style and colours, and like the more minimalist decor, with a few beautiful things. We ourselves come from the rugged nature of THY so products and illustrations that originate from nature quickly find their way to our webshop. Beautiful things for our homes are a must for us. And of course we have to go around all the rooms, from bedding, to spices and sofa cushions. All the lovely things that bring joy every day.

An imaginative universe in the children's room

When furnishing for children, design and safety are very important to us. The wonderful products from A Little Lovely Company think about both. It's great design at a child's level and all their children's lamps are LED so they don't get hot. Posters and lamps come together beautifully in their designs. The beautiful products from Gamcha are made by beautiful women in Nepal, and only from the most delicious products. Their skyuro is one of the finest, and then they go so well with the sky mirror from A Little Lovely Company. It is very important to us that no child labour is used when producing products that we have for sale, and the Gamcha project in particular is a sustainable project that has provided work for many Nepalese women over the years.

At, we look forward to finding the hottest products and designs for you and your home every day. If you have any questions about our products, you are of course always welcome to contact us by phone or email

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