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Beautiful products in felt from Gamcha - Perfect for the children's room

Here you will find a wide selection of felt products from Gamcha. has been Gamcha dealer ever since the shop started. Gamcha has a wide selection of beautiful felt products for the children's room. You will find everything from trophies to cradles, both with clouds, swans and guards. The fine felt products are produced on an Organic Farm in Nepal under protected conditions.
Perfect decoration for the home and the children's room.


Swan trophies and flamingo trophies from Gamcha for the lovely princesses

At Gamcha the most beautiful trophies and cushions are produced in the most delicious felt. The trophies with clouds are a huge hit, just like the trophies with swan and flamingo hit high with the girls. Gamcha is Danish designed and procuceres in Nepal.  Gamcha has its own production in Nepal, where the women work under good conditions. Gamcha delivers unique and amazing products. It is clear that the craftsmanship is complete and you can feel the unique glow in each product. The designs from Gamcha range from wardrobe figures to building blocks, donuts, garlands, swags and trophies for the nursery. Gamcha products can be used for the nursery, playroom or at the changing table.
Get inspiration for similar products that are perfect for the nursery here.

Sky scroll, bat scroll and swan trophy

Gamcha produces the most beautiful felt urns and gurilanders. Beautiful clouds in pink and light blue, and bat uro and gurilander for the coolest boys and girls. Skyuroes can be found in both boys and girls colours. For example, try combining the clouds with the cute cloud mirror from A Little Lovely Company

Gamcha - a sustainable project in Napal

Gamcha is produced in Nepal, in a large sustainable project that has provided work for 125 women. Since the year 2000, delicious felt products for children have been produced at Seamount's projects in Nepal. The felt is produced from really high quality New Zealand wool. Danish designers create together with the Nepalese women the most beautiful trophies for the wall, beautiful garlands in boys and girls colors, as well as lots of fun characters. You'll find Danish guardian figurines, dognuts, building blocks and lots of other lovely things. All in the most delicious felt.

The most beautiful clouds and cloud guriland are so lovely to hang over the changing table or above the bed. The cloud uroes are available in both boys' and girls' colours, lovely and calm colours that fit in so well with Danish and Nordic decor. At Gamcha you will also find the most beautiful swan trophy, as well as both swan and guril land. So lovely for the little princess room. Should it be a little extra, then Gamcha also has the most beautiful animal trophy, also here you find both uro and guilande that fitr to.  
The slightly more raw and boyish version is probably the bat/Batman scroll and garland. They are super gorgeous.
All wooden feathers, urns and guilands are made from the finest New Zealand wool. The felt is processed in Nepal, where Gamcha has its own factory where women work on the products.

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