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We have gathered the most delicious gastronomy specialities for your culinary adventures. In the Gastronomy category you can find everything from spices, salts and oils to tableware and kitchenware. The most delicious and exclusive gastronomy specialities for everyday life from Nicolas Vahé.. You are the everyday gastronomic hero and we at want to make it possible for you to combine the hustle and bustle of everyday life with exclusive taste and sensory experiences. In this category you will be up to date with the latest trends in the world of gastronomy and you will find inspiration on new exclusive coffees, oils, salts, cookware, tableware and whimsical, indispensable accessories for the art of cooking. Sign up for our newsletter - you'll receive delicious recipes and exclusive offers.

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Spices, mustard and jam from THY and the national park around THY

In THY we find the coolest raw nature in and around the national park THY. Here THYA picks many of their spices for their seasoning salts. The raw nature gives a raw and natural flavor to the slightly special spices found there. Plants like sea buckthorn, chilli, garlic and ramsons are some of the main spices, and then of course sea salt. The wonderful jams that really taste of the sun and summer that the sweet berries are picked in. Berries like gooseberries, chokeberries, strawberries and apples. All perfectly combined in the different jams. If you love mustard with bite, then you must try the delicious mustard from THYA with horseradish.  

Cream puffs with a classic look and a twist of everything new

Also from THY, close to the THY National Park is a lovely little chocolate shop. The shop has been making chololade for the last 80 years. In this little lovely chololade shop we have picked up these lovely luxury cream puffs. The delicious cream balls have a marzipan base and thick chocolate and are filled with the most delicious foam. If you like the classic luxury cream bun, then this is the one you choose, but also try the ones with licorice foam, or orange chocolate. All our luxury cream puffs are handmade, and completely fresh. We pick up the cream puffs on Wednesday and send them to you immediately, so you can have cream puffs ready for Friday fun.

Eco-conscious cleaning and dishcloths

If you are a bit environmentally conscious and think about sparing the environment when washing up and cleaning, then you should buy our cleaning products. All the products are paraben free and with only natural fragrances. Leaves everything clean and with a lovely scent of sea buckthorn, chamomile and sea buckthorn. Disposable wipes are very harmful to the environment, therefore these knitted ones are the right choice when cleaning and washing up. Danish design and beautiful colours

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