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Gift ideas

Christening gifts for boys and girls

Here you will find lots of Christening gifts for both boys and girls. Find skyuro and lightboxes in both boys' and girls' colours. The lovely little cloud mirror is very popular with many new parents, both as a decoration in the nursery but also at the changing table, so the little ones can see themselves while being changed.
If you're looking for something a little more edgy, check out the cute Batman urns and wallstickers. There really is something here for boys.
The cute little children's lamps come in lots of different versions. Unicorn, dinosaur, and the very popular rinse lamps in both white, light blue and pink - So take a look and get inspired

Host gifts that are

If you're visiting


friends, try bringing a few bottles of spices or maybe a hand soap from Humdakin instead of a flower - it's sure to bring joy. Who can't use a nice hand soap or hand lotion, or maybe the delicious spices from THYA and Humdakin?  

The gift for the man who has everything

If you're looking for the gift for the man who has everything, take a look here. We're pretty sure you'll be able to find furniture, lamps and bags that he definitely can't live without. For example, check out the gorgeous computer bags from Nørskov, or maybe a nice weekend bag - it's really solid quality. Now, men really do want to get involved in home decor, and thankfully so. So buy lamps, furniture - or maybe some nice spices for the host.  

The gift for the style-conscious woman

Delicious bags, beautiful vases and tasteful spices - there's almost no limit to what women want as gifts. Gifts bring joy, and we're pretty sure you'll find plenty of great gift ideas for women of all ages here at the shop. How about a delicious bag from Nørskov, or wonderful gourmet spices from THYA or Nicolas Vahé. Cooking treats that also look good and fit in with the home decor are always a hit.

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