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Gold Wall Clocks

Wall clock in gold in elegant design

Dreaming of a beautiful gold wall clock? A gold wall clock is the perfect element for your elegant and modern interior. With a gold wall clock you not only get function, but a decorative touch to your interior. Gold in particular is a colour that has become popular and trendy to decorate the home with in recent years. As we naturally follow fashion and select our products accordingly, you will find a wealth of gold clocks with exclusive designs here in the webshop. Big or small. With hands or without. With or without numbers.

An elegant wooden wall clock with a gold edge. A beautiful and functional clock in gold-coloured metal. There are many options.

Set the mood with a gold wall clock

It takes gold. It's a colour that brings life, elegance and atmosphere to a room. The colour of the metal goes well with other materials and shades. Therefore, it is never difficult to decorate a Scandinavian home with gold on the wall.

In the living room, you can create eye-catching with a unique wall clock with small gold balls that represent every hour of the day. It's beautiful on a coloured wall in green or grey, for example. In the hallway, bring nature into the room with a wooden wall clock. It has gold-coloured hands and numbers, which contrast well with the dark wood. In the kitchen, you can complete a rustic and Nordic style with a gold clock with a black dial. The gold edge on the clock gives the otherwise rustic and functional space a touch of something exclusive and beautiful to look at. All the wall clocks are of course of good quality - from the well-known brand Karlsson, which is known for its beautiful wall clocks.

Looking for a new wall clock for your living room? Should it be exclusive in beautiful gold? Buy it online at ByDahlLiving - we have a wide range and a host of beautiful designs to choose from. You'll always find great deals, and of course we deliver cheaply - free for purchases over 299 kr

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