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Home Junkie

Renew your bathroom and kitchen tiles in 10 minutes

Tired of boring tiles? If you need to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and you don't want to change those boring tiles, here's the solution. Home Junkie has developed the most beautiful tile stickers that are easy to install and remove again, with no visible marks.

Renew your bathroom or kitchen in under 10 minutes. Use these wonderful stickers to freshen up your bathroom or kitchen. Do you live somewhere with boring white tiles then this is where you should look for inspiration to freshen it up. Home Junkie makes the most gorgeous tile stickers, with lots of life and beautiful colours. They're easy to put up, and easy to remove again without leaving marks on the tiles. So drop by and get inspired.
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Many beautiful designs and colours at Home Junkie

At Home Junkie tile stickers are designed in different colours. At we have chosen the different packages with 9 different designs, all ready to put up in your kitchen or bathroom. Tile stickers will give a bathroom or kitchen a whole new look, without costing a fortune.  
For example, try the beautiful tile stickers with different motifs designed by BYdims, or go for the slightly quieter version with different motifs in black, green and blue. Only your imagination sets the limits.
Tile stickers are easy to put up. They come with transparent film so the tiles behind can still be seen through. Super easy and nice decoration of your tiles, for example if you live in a rented house and are not allowed to make any changes to the tiles.
All our tile stickers fit a standard tile of 15 x 15 cm.

Remember - if you order before 12 noon, we will pack your items the same day. Buy for 299,- and shipping is free!

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