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House Doctor Carpet

Carpets throughout the house

A House Doctor carpet is for those who like quality and design to go hand in hand. When decorating your home, rugs are necessary if you want to create cohesion in your living room or bedroom.

A rug on the floor will create cohesion between your furniture and create a beautiful space in the room. If you like patterns and colours, then wall the rug Riba or Tribe which are both really beautiful rugs with each their own expression.   The Cuba and Block rugs will be a perfect match for your home no matter what type of decor you have in your home.
The carpets are available in different sizes, both in square and as a runner. choose for example 60x240 or 200x300 which is a perfect size under a dining table. If you have a round table, you might be looking for a rug at  120x120.

In the bathroom, usually needs the smaller rugs, and preferably rugs that can withstand getting wet. If it's the hallway or perhaps the living room you're decorating, then large carpets might be the answer. A large rug under, for example, the dining table or the sofa and coffee table, will frame your decor in a nice and personal way. Plus, it's nice to have a nice, soft rug to snuggle up with in the evenings.

>/H2>A carpet brings your home's furniture together On the sofa, we often have rugs or plaids. They give both cosiness and personality, and of course they provide warmth when you sit on the sofa in the evening. We have chosen a wide and beautiful selection of rugs from House Doctor. The rugs come in different materials and colours. Often you will find cushions to match in colour and design.  
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