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House Doctor Display Cabinet

A House Doctor Display Cabinet is for those who want a beautiful cabinet in which to store your tableware and glassware.   You can also use the cabinet as a display of beautiful ceramics and vases. Or for books. Or toys. Or...  

You'll find display cabinets in many homes today. Materials like iron, wood and brass are all very popular and really beautiful in any home. At House Doctor, ash and ash veneer have once again been brought out of hiding, giving a slightly more 70s look that is very much in our interior design today.

Here at the shop you will find a wide selection of display cabinets from House Doctor. The cabinets are all Danish designed and produced in the highest quality materials such as wood, brass and iron. The display cabinets are of course with glass doors, so they have a light and airy look. At the same time, it is an advantage that your things are behind doors, so they do not get dusty.  

A brass and glass display cabinet will look great in your bathroom, where you can keep jewellery and perfume in the cabinet, but you can also use the cabinet in the kitchen, where you can place your favourite glasses or spices and herbs.

If you're more into the rustic corner of your decor, check out the stainless steel and glass cabinets, also known as Zinc. They are super gorgeous and will fit perfectly in any room of your home. As a beautiful still life with ceramics and vases, or in the bedroom for jewelry and other beautiful things.
Decorate your home with display cabinets and create order and cosiness.

If you'd like to see our huge House Doctor range, check it out here

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