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House Doctor Light Chains

House Doctor light chain for outside and inside

House Doctor is very well known for their very beautiful light chains. The light chains provide lots of cosy atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors. The BULP large light chains in black and white, are available in different sizes and shapes. So find the one that suits you and your personal decor.

The large light chains are with LED bulbs, and absolutely perfect for outdoor use, under a canopy or over a wicker sofa. You can also hang them from a tree in the garden, just be careful of the wind. The bulbs are made of real glass, so they can break.

If you need smaller fairy lights to put in vases or hang on branches in a vase, choose one of the smaller fairy lights. For example, the Globe light chain. It has a soft light in the small balls. Or maybe the STAR with the beautiful stars.
Note that many of the smaller fairy lights are battery operated, so this gives you a better option for decorating with them as they don't require a long cord to an outlet.

Choose a House Doctor light chain to create cosiness, indoors and out
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