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House Doctor Sofa Cushion

Discover beautiful sofa cushions from House Doctor

Danish House Doctor is behind a host of simple furniture and harmonious home accessories. Their sofa cushions are no exception. The beautiful sofa cushion covers are made of soft and luxurious materials with either simple and timeless colours or incredibly beautiful and colourful patterns. There's a cushion for every interior - and you'll find different sizes like 60x60, 50x50, 50x30 - and many more.

Discover decorative cushions from House Doctor with stripes, delicate leaves, graphic motifs, lotus flowers and plain designs. There's plenty of inspiration to make your home more cosy. Or how to complete a beautiful colour theme in your living room or bedroom.

Soft cushions in all kinds of colours and motifs

The quality of a cushion cover has to be up to scratch. So the cushion will last. The fabric needs to be durable, as it will be sat on or put on every day. House Doctor covers are made of good materials such as cotton, polyester, viscose, velour and linen. Choose either the same material as your sofa and armchair or mix with a different material to give your interior a little edge.

There are plenty of shades too. For example, choose a beautiful upholstery in yellow, pink, green, grey or beige. The colours give you plenty of opportunity to create a personal style in your space.

Cushions create cosiness too. After all, it should be comfortable and cosy to gather around the most important piece of furniture in your living room: your sofa. In addition, the cushions should also provide you with comfort. They serve both the purpose of support for your back or as decoration. This can be on the sofa as well as on the bed. You can mix and match as you like. Choose several sizes and also combine different shades that break up the colour of your sofa or match the carpet on your bed. Only your imagination can limit how you can decorate and create cosiness with these many fine covers for cushions.

In our House Doctor cushion range, you'll find a host of beautiful covers as well as a delicious inner cushion to use with the 50x50 covers. Explore the range at ByDahlLiving online and buy your cushion cover for less. You'll often find great deals on accessories from House Doctor.

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