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Hübsch Carpet

Go well - go to Hübsch

Carpets from Hübsch Interiør are available in many different sizes and can be placed wherever you feel like it - in the hallway or in the living room. Here you will find good quality rugs, made in Denmark in a stylish Nordic design.

We have rugs in many different materials. We have the most usual ones such as cotton and woven wool, and for the eco-friendly we can offer nice rugs in recycled material, so you can shop with a clear conscience.

We offer rugs in a myriad of colours, both with and without pattern, so you're sure to find something on this page to your taste.

Find a rug that lasts

Rugs from Hübsch Interiør are quality assured and durable. While other furniture is a little easier to care for, it's still hard to have a rug and not get on it. After all, that's almost what it exists for. But with a durable rug from Hübsch, you don't have to worry about breaking it. Wash it according to the instructions and it should last you many good years.

You can find measurements of the individual rugs inside the product description. You will also find washing instructions etc. below.

If you don't find the rug you're looking for on this page, keep browsing through our wide selection of products and you might just stumble across the perfect rug from one of the other brands you can find here with us.

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