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Hübsch Decorative arts

Lamps in minimalist style with a touch of industrial

At Hübsch Interiør we have found the most beautiful lamps. The table lamps are very minimalistic in their style, and have a touch of the industrial look. They are lamps in good quality and in nice materials. The table lamps give a lot of cosiness in the rooms and should be an integrated part of your interior design. Table lamps can be nice to look at, but they must fit naturally into the decor. The lamps from Hübsch Interiør fit perfectly into our Nordic style. They give our very stylish interior a personal touch

Ceiling lamps - Glass and metal in beautiful combination

Hübsch Interiør are the masters of the most beautiful ceiling lamps. The beautiful glass domes with metal and cork provide the most beautiful light. Find domes in delicate pink and in delicate blue, and then of course in the smoky color that you never go wrong with. You'll find a beautiful selection of ceiling lights here, and if there's something you're missing, drop us a line and we'll see if we can't find something that suits you.

Vases and candlesticks in beautiful glass

Hübsch Interiør has designed the most beautiful things in glass. Both in natural clear glass, but also in the most beautiful colours. The beautiful vase in amber yellow and in grey one is really good example of just their colored glass. They are a true master at it. Here you will also find their version of crystal candlesticks. These are beautifully edged glass candlesticks that have the most beautiful play of light in the sun's rays.

Cushions and throws - Your sofa will love it

Cushions and throws on the sofa are a must. At Hübsch Interiør we have a wide selection of just plaids and cushions in beautiful colours, patterns and materials. The sofa cushions are all inclusive of the inner cushions, so simply order. Feel free to mix many cushions in your sofa, and your sofa will love you for it.   It adds personality and charm, and sofa cushions are really cosy

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