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Hübsch Furniture

Great furniture with style

At Hübsch Interiør we find the best furniture that really has style. It is minimalist furniture that each has its merits. Here we find furniture in wood, glass, metal and leather. Always in beautiful design that fits perfectly into the Danish and Nordic homes. The furniture is always delivered from a remote warehouse, so extra days of delivery are to be expected. Roller tables are also part of the new furniture range from Hübsch Interiør. The roller tables are so nice for serving food, or for creating a beautiful still life, with lovely vases and glasses. Also use the roller table as extra storage for, for example, books and magazines.  

Display cabinets - cabinets and dressers

Hübsch is known for its beautiful display cabinets, which can be made of wood or metal. They are simple in design so they will fit into most homes. See for example the beautiful large display cabinets in wood with glass on all sides. Here, your crockery, glassware and china will look great. In metal we find several different versions, common to them is that they are not so high, and then several of them have wire mesh on the front of the doors instead of glass. A really nice detail not seen on many display cabinets.

Dining chairs - Part of your interior design

Your dining chairs are a big part of your interior design, therefore it is an important decision which chairs to choose. It's also really important to find chairs that you can sit comfortably in, while also making sure the chairs match the table. At Hübsch Interiør we have a wide selection of dining chairs. Chairs in oak with either leather or fabric, but also the very popular plastic chairs that given very special expression. Together with nice lambskins the plastic chairs are a nice offer for dining chairs in modern style.
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