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Humdakin soaps and creams. Some of the best organic products we've tried in a long time. They smell heavenly and add moisture to the skin, plus they're organic and paraben and fragrance free.

You know it - cleansing. When the kitchen, or even the whole house, needs cleaning, you need good quality products that give a great result and smell great too - without parabens and unnecessary chemicals. From Humdakin we recommend the most delicious and beautiful knitted organic dishcloths, tea towels and cleaning products without parabens. The products from Humdakin are simply the most delicious products, with the most beautiful scent of sea buckthorn, sage and chamomile. Humdakin is pure pleasure and pampering for you, your home and your family. With Humdakin dishcloths and detergent, your work will get the recognition it deserves, and you'll be doing your job with good environmental awareness! The beautifully simple design of the cleaning products, hand soap and hand lotion makes it possible to have the products on display instead of hiding it away in the cupboard. It doesn't matter that it's a little yummy, right?

We stock a wide range of Humdakin products 

Humdakin is a new Danish brand based in Aarhus. We have been a Humdakin dealer of dishcloths and cleaning products, hand soap and hand lotion from the very first day Humdakin came on the market. Humdakin is the epitome of quality, functionality and Danish design. It is elegant, Scandinavian and quality conscious. Humdakin's products are inspired by the Danish forests and coasts and draw scents of sage, sea buckthorn and chamomile from there. The beautiful products are designed by Camilla Scramm. Knitted organic dishcloths, tea towels, delicious hand soaps and lotions without parabens.

The lovely cloths are made from GOTS certified organic cotton. We offer Humdakin's entire range of lovely cleansers that are simple to use, gentle on the skin and, not least, effective.

The products have a nice packaged design that makes them great to have on display.

Humdakin products are simply exclusive and effective products for your cleaning, and as a Humdakin dealer we have a little of everything. For example, try the delicious Humdakin soaps that provide luxury for your hands, fragrance for your nostrils and aesthetics for your eyes. Humdakin's soap range offers both hand soap and dishwashing liquid. For example,

Humdakin hand soap comes in a stylishly designed pump bottle, which adds an exclusive look to your kitchen or bathroom. Made from extracts of sea buckthorn and chamomile, Humdakin hand soap is also a product with a fragrant and soothing effect. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin.


Humdakin for the kitchen - organic tea towels and dishcloths

At you will also find Humdakin products for the kitchen. Take a look at the woven Humdakin tea towels, for example, and be surprised how something as boring as tea towels can add elegance to the kitchen. Humdakin tea towels are made from 100% organic cotton. A product we as Humdakin retailer are happy to have in our collection.

Humdakin products for the kitchen also include tea towels in delicious designs and quality materials. Humdakin dishcloths are also made of 100% organic cotton, and the efficiency is of course top.Replace the old synthetic ones with something nice, and create some beauty and charm around the sink with Humdakin dishcloths from

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