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Humdakin Cleaning

Environmentally conscious cleaning

Want to ensure a clean home, clean hands and a clean conscience? With Humdakin cleaning and care products you get great-tasting products like dishwashing detergent, all-purpose cleaner, hand soap, hand lotion or the highly sensitive babyroom cleaner that can be used for toys or the nursery. All the products are produced without parabens and with the utmost respect for the fact that a clean home should be a fragrant and healthy home! The cleaning and care products from Humdakin come with fragrances from the Nordic nature - delicious scents of sea buckthorn, chamomile and sage make for a complete experience! Super wonderful organic tea towels and dishcloths are of course part of the wonderful assortment.

Hand soap with the scent of sage and camomile

From Humdakin, the delicious hand soap is an absolute must. the hand soap is paraben-free and fragrance-free. All-natural products like sage and chamomile provide a delicious scent and are soothing for your hands. As something brand new from Humdakin, there is now another hand soap on the market. This time it's an antiseptic hand soap, and let me tell you, it smells just great. Antismell takes the sting out of fish, cheese and garlic, so definitely a must here at my own kitchen sink too

Pampering your laundry - detergent and rinse aid with care

The latest addition to, we now have liquid detergent and fabric softener- again, products that pamper your laundry, leaving it clean and with the most delightful scent. 

When washing up becomes a delightful event

Humdakin's dishwashing detergent is certainly helping to give our washing up at home a boost. The lovely scent that spreads when you use the delicious dish soap is absolutely amazing. A paraben-free dishwashing detergent that thinks about the environment. What more could you ask for.

Remember - if you order before 12 noon, your items will be shipped the same day. Buy for 299,- and shipping is free!

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