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Karlsson Wall Clocks

Karlsson wall clocks in stylish designs

Karlsson wall clocks are truly unique and made in incredibly beautiful designs. Here you get a wall clock that stands out from the typical designs. Karlsson is an old Dutch brand that has been around since 1980. Ever since then they have been working to design unique and stylish clocks for homes all over the world. Every design is made with a focus on being both beautiful and functional - this has been done with the help of designers from all over the world. Today, Karlsson is part of the well-known company Present Time. Their vision is to keep offering new and creative designs in watches, lighting and small interiors.

As a retailer of Karlsson wall clocks, our webshop naturally offers a wide range. You will find some of the brand's popular designs Charm and Gold Elegance. Watches with and without numbers. In glass, wood, steel, metal and brass. In other words, looking at the clock will never be boring when you have a watch from Karlsson. Explore our selection and find a wall clock for your home that suits your style - we have all kinds of beautiful wall clocks to match your decor.

Decorate with a Karlsson wall clock

A wall clock should be personal. It should also match your style. When you shop for a wall clock from Karlsson, you have plenty of opportunity to express yourself and decorate your home with colours, materials and shapes to suit your taste. A wall clock is much more than just a functional object, it is just as much a decorative element - they have understood that at Karlsson. Discover clocks in all kinds of beautiful materials in colours like black, white, grey, green, copper, gold and in light or dark wood.

Wall clocks belong in every room of the home. In the kitchen, which is the gathering place, it's nice to be able to check the time and keep an eye on the time when you're cooking. If you're dreaming of Nordic kitchen style, wall clocks in black glass, grey steel with brass hands or black wood are ideal. In the hallway, you can create atmosphere with a colourful clock in green, blue or grey. For the living room, go with a white clock with a gold frame. Remember that the clocks are sold without a battery.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful wall clock for the living room or somewhere else in the home, you'll find a great choice online at ByDahlLiving. Buy cheap from us - we often have great deals!

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