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At we have found the most beautiful things for the decoration of your kitchen. This is also where you'll find great gourmet and speciality products.
The kitchen is the room in the home we spend the most time in, so it needs to have good, delicious things for both the eye and the palate.
We have fallen deeply in love with the wonderful spices and different kinds of salt from Nicolas Vahé, which have a central place in our own kitchen. Nicolas Vahé products are used for cooking, baking and serving.

When the kitchen, indeed the whole house, needs cleaning, we highly recommend the wonderful knitted tea towels and paraben-free cleaning products from Humdakin. They are simply the most delicious products, with the most wonderful scent of sea buckthorn, sage and chamomile. Real pleasure and pampering for you and your home decor. The wonderfully simple design of the cleaning products makes it possible to have it on display, instead of hiding it away in the cupboard. It doesn't matter that it's a little delicious :-).

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