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In this category we have gathered all the musthaves for your kitchen. Whether you're looking for storage, utensils, cool plates and cutlery or tea towels and tea towels, you'll find it here.
At the same time, you're sure to shop products with absolutely accomplished finishes and exquisite quality. In the category you will find products that are made to be used in everyday life, but also look good! You will find products from Home Junkie, By Brorson, Broste CPH, Felius Design, House Doctor, Livink, Humdakin, Nicolas Vahé and more.
Keep an eye out for new brands and new products on the shop all the time!
Be inspired by the delicious gastronomy products here!


Table setting with style

If you are looking for new tableware, check out our kitchen category. The tableware is a very big part of the table setting, and can be made in the very feminine version, or the very with raw and rustic version. Our tableware probably leans more towards the rustic and raw version. We are very inspired by the raw nature in and around the THY National Park where we grew up, and this naturally leaves its mark on the products we choose for the webshop. The beautiful grey dinnerware from House Doctor Grey Stone, has a beautiful glaze, and is available from us in dinner plates, lunch plates, pasta plates and bowls.
Please also cover up with the beautiful gold coloured cutlery. It gives just the raw and rustic look, a slightly more feminine feel. It all helps to give your table setting with personality and charm. If you're more into the raw and rustic then choose the black cutlery. Super beautiful finish, but note that it must be washed by hand.

Dishes everyone would like to participate in

Who wants to wash dishes ? I certainly don't think it's much fun. What can make washing up a dream? Try the wonderful organic products from Humdakin we have for sale. It almost makes washing up a dream that everyone wants to join in.
Delicious organic cleaning and dishwashing liquid with natural fragrance of chamomile, sea buckthorn and sage. All the cleaning products are without parabens and other harmful substances such as perfumes and artificial preservatives.

The knitted carloids of organic cotton, in beautiful colours are super lovely and really soft. It is so easy to wipe the table after washing up. And then they can dry immediately. Not like so many other type of cloths that have to be washed many times before they can be used.
Then the washing up doesn't get any more delicious.

Buy organic cleaning HERE
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