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Lightbox - Write beautiful texts with letter and symbol packs

The beautiful Lightbox from A Little Lovely Company, is the only Lightbox with 2 years warranty. The Lightbox is available in White, Black, Mint and Pink. For the Lightbox you can buy fun and pretty letter, symbol and number packs, so only your imagination sets the limit for what you can write on your lightbox. Use it both in the children's room, but also in the living room or in the hallway with a welcome to your guests.
The Lightbox is popular for both children and adults. Here you can write sweet texts, quotes or greetings to your guests. The lightbox provides a nice and soft light. For your Lightbox you can buy lots of different packages with letters and symbols. Both in pastel colours, in black and with symbols suitable for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.
The Lightbox uses batteries, and so as something new you can now also buy an adaptor for power, so it can always be left on

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