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Jam with beautiful berries and a touch of the North Sea

Delicious and beautiful jam, that's a must. Our selection of jams must be considered gourmet jams. The most delicious strawberry jam, the tart gooseberry jam, and how about the slightly special sea buckthorn jam. THYA 's jams all have roots planted in the rugged nature in and around the THY National Park and the salty West Sea. This naturally leaves its mark on the choice of berries in the marmalades, but certainly also in the flavour of the berries used.

Marmalade part of the perfect brunch

If you are going to make the perfect brunch, perhaps with home baking, then you must not cheat yourself of trying the marmalades from THYA or Nicolas Vahé.
The marmalade from THYA is produced from berries picked around the THY national park. The marmalades are only produced when the summer sun allows the berries to be harvested.
The marmalades from Nicolas Vahé, have a French flavour and are simply so delicious. Try the wonderful fig marmalade, which is usually bought as fig spread but here it is spreadable. A rather special and very different kind of jam.
If you like rhubarb, then you should try the marmalade with rhubarb and ginger. A funny combination, but a super delicious jam. Last choice of marmalade from our side, is the marmalade with apple, lemon and ginger. Again a jam that tastes of the French summer and its sweet apples.
Use the marmalades for freshly baked bread, on your sandwiches, for pancakes, in cakes, well only your own imagination sets the limits.
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