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Meraki Hand cream

Meraki Hand cream, perfect for busy hands. The creams come in different brands, all with their own scent and properties.
Hand cream is used every time you wash your hands. It leaves your hands soft and supple. And with a lovely scent of well-being.

Meraki The Pure range is not only swan-labelled and eco-certified, but also certified by the Asthma and Allergy Association. So there is no risk of allergic reactions here. The hand cream comes in a lovely bottle, so it is decorative to have on the kitchen table, or at the bathroom sink.

At Meraki, sustainability and ecology are paramount. Also when it comes to their hand creams. All creams are eco certified and they are also swan labelled. This gives us an assurance that the environment is taken care of in their production.

Along with the hand cream, you will find lots of other wonderful products in the different series. It's beauty and well-being for the whole body

If you'd like to see our whole huge range from Meraki, check it out here>/div>
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