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Meraki Hand soap

Meraki hand soap is a super delicious product for busy hands. Delicious scent, and wonderful properties. Totally in line with today's trends in ecology and environmentalism. Meraki's hand soap smells exclusively of natural products, and there's definitely one to suit you.   At Meriaki, keeping up with the times is important, which is why all their products are now sustainable. The thoughts behind are ecological, organic and recyclable. Qualities that we greatly appreciate.

Meraki The hand soap is available in many different flavours, each with its own properties and fragrance. Common to all the hand soaps is that they are all eco certified as well as swan labelled. Meraki Pure series is also swan certified. The hand soaps contain only organic materials, so the environment is really taken care of,
In the Northern Dawn series we also find the delicious Northern Dawn Exfoliating soap, which with its very fine apricot kernels scrubs the hands mildly and softly, and is a must-have if you ask us. Meraki's hand soap is useful both in the kitchen and at the kitchen sink. The bottles are beautiful and decorative, so they can easily be displayed.

Meraki The Pure range is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Association. Therefore we can guarantee that everyone can use the delicious series. Completely without risk of allergies or other problems. In the series you will find lots of other wonderful products with the same fragrance and properties.

Meraki hand soaps come in reusable bottles. The bottles are in FSC plastic, which means that they are produced from recycled plastic.

If you love Meraki products, check out our full range HERE >/div>
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