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Muubs Cutting board

Muubs cutting board
Muubs is one of the last new brands we have chosen to carry in our webshop. We love the great products that Muubs makes within home furnishings. The fact that Muubs is a Danish brand, we see as an extra advantage.

Muubs cutting boards are in a category of their own. They are wooden cutting boards of a very high quality, where functionality and design go hand in hand. Some of the cutting boards are made of recycled wood. If you want to furnish your home with sustainable materials, recycled is an optimal solution. Good materials for cooking are a must in any kitchen. Choose a muubs cutting board and you are sure to get some of the best in home furnishings.  

Wooden cutting boards are versatile, beautiful, and can also be used as serving boards. Serving tapas, cheese, fruit or snacks looks great on a nice cutting board. A wooden cutting board is a relatively soft material, and is therefore gentle on your knives, so knives will stay sharp for longer if you use a wooden board.

A wooden chopping board is not dishwasher safe and should be washed by hand. Wood is a germ-resistant material, but occasionally douse your cutting board with boiling water to make sure it's completely clean. Let your cutting board air dry after washing. To prolong the life of your muubs chopping board, you can brush it with oil once in a while. Use ordinary cooking oil, such as rapeseed oil. Make sure the board is completely dry before applying oil.  

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If you want to see our whole huge range from Muubs, check it out HERE   

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