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Muubs Pots and Vases

Muubs Pots and vases in your interior

Mubbs pots are the right choice when it comes to choosing pots for your interior. The pots are beautiful just as they are, or with branches in them. Muubs The pots can be used both as a vase with branches or flowers, or as a pot in which you plant.
Decorating with pots adds some personality and life to your decor. Pots and plants also give you the opportunity to draw some of nature inside, precisely by placing the pots in a large window area facing your terrace, for example, where you also have pots with plants and trees.

The beautiful pots are available in different versions and different sizes. The Luna pots are available in sizes 40, 60, 80 and 100. The number in the name of the pot indicates the height of the pot. The beautiful Luna jars are both in a raw white / gray color and in the very beautiful black color. The beautiful jars are all handmade so no two jars are 100% alike. One of the charms of the jars is that they can vary in color, size and texture.

The Echo series are also handmade jars of very high quality are produced in terracotta and made of sausages of clay that are shaped like a jar. A great and unique piece of work. The jars are then painted with a special technique, and fired. The surface of the Echo jars has a smoked effect. It comes out during the firing of the surface, which is done by hand with a gas burner. An antique paint and a coating are then applied.

The large beautiful jars are perfect for standing on the floor with large branches, alone or together in a group. The smaller jars will look great on a table or in a window. The jars are a beautiful addition to the interior you choose in your home. Be careful in choosing the pots so that you get exactly the pots that will fit in your home.

Muubs design of the pots is beautiful, raw and rustic. You will probably find the rustic most in the Echo series, which will really look good in your home decor. Whether you choose to put the jars in your living room, hallway or orangery is entirely up to you.

Although Muubs jars are raw and rustic, we recommend that you only have the jars indoors. They are not frost proof and will not withstand the harsh Danish weather.

Looking for more pots from Muubs, please contact us and we can make you a time quote online.

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