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Muubs Service

Muubs service Muubs is one of the last new brands we have chosen to carry in our webshop. We love the great products that Muubs makes within home furnishings. The fact that Muubs is a Danish brand, we see as an extra advantage. Muubs provides us with the best home furnishings, both for cooking and table setting. The beautiful products from muubs are also obvious as gifts for those who appreciate that quality and functionality are in beautiful interaction.  

If, like us, you love to use delicious tableware in the kitchen, Muubs is a safe choice. Whether it's plates, cutting boards, dishes or glassware you're looking for, Muubs is a great choice. Everything is made in safe style and the best materials. Your table setting will be beautiful and stylish with the elegant plates, platters and glasses from Muubs, and the cutting boards are so beautiful that it is obvious to use them for serving. You can buy many different items from muubs online here.

This is how the founders and owners of Muubs, Bent and Dorthe Povlsen, describe their products: 
"We are interior design innovation. It is in our DNA to constantly push the boundaries of innovation and create edge in the interior and furniture industry. We turn the principles of mass production on their head. We create products for the home that embrace craftsmanship and ooze authenticity. Each product has soul, and each has a story. From the cutting board with natural grain and handmade tables with charming, vibrant shapes and imperfections to rustic wooden kitchenware with natural knots and imperfections. Guided and driven by an insatiable love of beauty and Nordic nature, we believe in preserving originality and creating timeless interior objects with high functionality. Products that create contrasts, play with our imagination, age gracefully and add that missing soul and rawness to your home."

Save time and buy online.  

If you want to see our entire huge range from Muubs, check it out HERE 
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