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Nicolas Vahé

Nicolas Vahé offer

At we love Nicolas Vahé. And we've been a stockist of his exclusive products ever since we started the shop. Become enclosed in a universe with a large selection of the delicious gourmet specialities. With us, you'll always find plenty of offers when you buy online. Delicious gourmet specialities of high quality and in beautiful bottles that are super nice to have on display in your kitchen, ready for your cooking.

Nicolas Vahé spices

Nicolas Vahé delivers French delicacies for everyday life that also fit perfectly into modern interior design, along with your other home furnishings. If you're looking for spices on sale, stop by, there are sure to be more items at reduced prices. As a retailer of the wonderful gourmet products, we have made an effort to have a large selection at always good prices, so look through the category, you will certainly find lots of wonderful items, including some that are on offer

Salt is top seller

At we sell a huge selection and we are constantly expanding our range! The delicious salt is available in many different flavours such as garlic, shallot, red wine, olive, thyme and much more. There's always one that's perfect for your delicious meat, pasta dish, roasted vegetables or salad and marinade. The oil, made from the best high-quality virgin olive oil, is available in garlic, chilli and citrus, for example. It is perfect for marinades, on salads and as a dip for homemade bread. Take a look at our gastronomic universe at Bydahlliving.comand get inspired! You will always find several products on offer and we sell a large range of Nicolas Vahe's products in seasoning salts, oils, chopping boards and cutlery.

We sell delicious Nicolas Vahé products 

Cooking should be fun for everyone. And it doesn't matter that the design behind the products is beautiful and simple.

The French gourmet chef of the same name is behind the brand. The company creates beautiful gourmet products at affordable prices. The products have a Scandinavian twist and are produced from the best ingredients - inspired by French food traditions with high quality ingredients.


Spices, Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

We have lots of products in stock in the fields of seasoning salt, olive oil, tea, coffee and various spices. You will also find the wonderful Akacie chopping boards in different sizes. You'll find these lovely chopping boards in a variety of styles - from butter board sets to pizza boards. Akaie cutting boards vary a lot in colour and always add a personal touch to the serving of food. You will always find great prices on all the wonderful gourmet products - there are always special offers on salts, oils, etc. We've been a stockist since we started our shop and we're crazy about the delicious salts, dressings, chopping boards and coffee syrups ourselves. has been a Nicolas Vahé dealer for the past several years, and we always have a large selection of his products in the webshop. Among other things, you can explore the wide range of Nicolas Vahé jams, which are sure to inspire your cooking. Nicolas Vahé's range of spices includes spice blends and lots of other exciting products for every purpose.

Among our other products, you will also find Nicolas Vahé's range of olive oils in different flavours - from the mild Provence version to the versatile garlic version to the slightly stronger Nicolas Vahé olive oil with chilli. And now also salad dressing in different versions

As a Nicolas Vahé retailer, we always strive to reflect the company's own desire to surprise the taste buds, and you'll also find plenty of exciting olive oils at

Spice products are developed from a love of food, which is why you will also find a wide range of dressings at Nicolas Vahé's dressings are perfect for the passionate home cook, and the range offers plenty of flavours to put the finishing touch on salads - or wherever they're suitable.

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