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Nicolas Vahé coffee and tea

Nicolas Vahé coffee and tea is for those who like a well brewed and flavourful hot drink. Nicolas Vahé stands for the most delicious coffee beans made from Arabia coffee, and added the most wonderful and exotic flavours of blue, orange and coconut. Brew your coffee and enjoy it with coffee syrup in it and maybe with a delicious piece of chocolate. The coffee fits perfectly and it is for morning coffee, afternoon coffee or evening coffee.  
If you're making iced coffee, find your favourite flavour and brew the coffee, leave to cool and fill with iced nuts. Maybe top with one of the new iced coffees that have just hit the market.

If you're a tea drinker, don't cheat yourself by trying one of the wonderful temix. You'll find orange flavoured tea, tea with orange, tea with fig go lemon, or maybe you're just into a plain Earl Grey with grapefruit. Our tea comes in a nice box, so you can easily keep it on the shelf with coffee and other goodies.

Iced coffee is very popular on warm summer evenings. They come with different flavours, so just find the one that suits you best. Take a large glass of ice-cold milk, fill it up with crushed ice, and pour the iced coffee ice so that it has a suitable taste. It tastes absolutely amazing.

If you use sugar in your coffee or tea, try coffee syrup from Nicolas Vahé. Are you into caramel flavour, the sweet vanilla flavour, or maybe a taste of Irish coffee. There's something for everyone. Coffee syrup is also super delicious for dessert pancakes served with a good cup of coffee.

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