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Nicolas Vahé Salt

Salt from Nicolas Vahé is probably the best seasoning salt we have tasted. The salt is blended with the finest Mediterranean spices. There is definitely a salt that fits perfectly into your kitchen.
Use the salt when preparing food, but also when serving food to your family or to guests.  

Seasoning salt comes in many different flavours. The best known are probably Every day mix, or Secret Blend. Both are a mix of salt and pepper, with a dash of unknown spices.  If you love pasta, you should try the salt with parm, or the one with mushrooms. They are both super delicate, and go perfectly with pasta dishes.

Nicolas Vahé uses almost exclusively Mediterranean spices in his salts. So if you're into that cuisine, and those dishes of its own, don't cheat yourself with a few flavours of these salts. For us, they are absolutely indispensable, and we always have one to suit whatever dish we'd like to serve.

Mix the salt with spices and oils from the same brand.

If you want to see our entire huge  range from Nicolas Vahé, look HERE



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