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Nicolas Vahé Service

Beautiful Nista Service from Nicolas Vahé

The talented Frenchman has done it again. Incredibly beautiful service from the Nista series from the popular brand. If you need to set a beautiful and stylish table for guests, then this set is definitely worth a look. You'll find plates, jars, dishes, jugs and storage jars all here. The

Nista set is beautiful and rigid stoneware that helps to create a personal and minimalist table setting. The rack is useful both indoors, but also when dining outdoors, either by the fire or barbecue.

Delicious and stylish cutlery.

The beautiful cutlery from Nicolas Vahé is a must when setting a beautiful table in our house. We often use the black cutlery, but also have both cutlery with Goldfinsh, as well as cutlery in stainless steel. Choose the cutlery that suits your everyday life and your decor. Please note that some cutlery is not dishwasher safe. The coating on the cutlery cannot withstand it.

Beautiful festive and everyday glasses.

Nicolas Vahé also stands for a beautiful and simple glass series, with glasses exclusively in clear glass. Here you will find both water glasses, and different sizes of wine glasses.

Let yourself be inspired in the category Service from Nicolas Vahé. There's sure to be something to suit your home.
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