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Nicolas Vahé Spices

Retailer of gourmet spices from Nicolas Vahe

With us you will find the great selection of spices from Nicolas Vahé, Try Smoked Barbecue when you need to roast a good steak, or the one for vegetables when you are cooking roast vegetables. If you are roasting a whole chicken, or maybe chicken fillets, then you must try the wonderful chicken seasoning. It is specially adapted to the white chicken meat and gives a whole formidable taste to the chicken. Also try the popcorn seasoning. If you like popcorn with salt, well, the popcorn seasoning might just be for you. It'll spice up your Saturday afternoon.

Spices are a must when you cook, and when the bottles are really decorative to have on display, it's WIN WIN. You can find the spices in bottles but also in smaller glass jars. The delicious rub spices that act a bit like marianades are absolutely unbeatable when you are grilling. The meat is rubbed with your favourite variant and put in the fridge for a few hours. Since the seasonings don't contain oil, you avoid the burnt effect that marianades often give. Light and delicious.

The spices are suitable both before and after the food is prepared, it is just to find the flavors that suit you best

If you want to see our entire huge range from Nicolas Vahé, look HERE

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