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Olive oil

Use quality olive oil in your cooking

A good base for cooking is an exclusive and high-quality oil. A good oil can be used for frying, marinades and countless other purposes.
The delicious gourmet oils from French Nicolas Vahé are one of the finest oils on the market - both in taste, but also in design. Beautiful oils with different flavours such as garlic, chili, citrus and basil.
Beautiful bottles that can easily be displayed on the kitchen table. Each oil has a unique property, but can easily be used for several purposes, where only your imagination sets the limit!
Read on the product our recommendation on how to use the oil. For example, the lovely Nicolas Vahé citrus olive oil is perfect for garnishing fried vegetables just before serving. Keep these lovely bottles on the table. They're so decorative in the kitchen, and they're always at hand.

Remember to buy the pouring stopper for your bottles - this way you avoid waste but also easier dosing. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter where we will send you recipes using these delicious oils!


Olive oil with taste of the North Sea and National Park THY

From THYA we have got the most delicious oils from the beautiful yellow rapeseed, and added among others ramsons. It is super delicious, and it is oil of very high quality. Try the wonderful oils with delicious taste, and then they are quite nice to have on the table next to the stove.  

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