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Present Time Pillows and Blankets

Both home furnishings and home accessories from Present Time are products made of good quality materials, and at prices we can all afford. If you like your home furnishings to exude a sense of quality and show off your style, Present Time is definitely worth a look.    

In your living room you can create cosiness and style with cushions and rugs from Present Time. Some beautiful cushions and also preferably a rug on the sofa are often just what you need to bring coherence to your style. If you want variety in your home, without spending the big bucks, it's a good idea to switch up the accessories. With Present Time cushions and Present Time rugs, you get super stylish accessories for your home.   Even in the bedroom, it's cosy with cushions and blankets that go together. Combine with lamps from Present Time, and you're sure to have the perfect match.  

Present Time is a brand that makes home furnishings, lamps, art, cushions and rugs. If you choose a product from Present Time - Columbine - you are sure to get a really high quality, beautiful product at affordable prices.

Present Time belongs to the Columbine brand. If you love Present Time, check out our full range HERE 
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