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Red wine glass

Elegant red wine glasses for parties and everyday use

Looking for a good red wine glass offer? ByDahlLiving sells EVERYTHING for the home, including fine red wine glasses from brands like Broste Copenhagen, Hübsch, Ib Laursen and Bloomingville. All are known for interiors with a Scandinavian and stylish look, and each brand is behind some really fine glass ranges. It takes a beautiful and functional glass to drink red wine in style and experience the great taste and aroma of the wine - be it a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot or a Shiraz. With the red wine glasses from our range, you can both set the dining table in style and enjoy a great vintage with care for the taste.

Our range offers a multitude of beautiful red wine glasses. Discover elegant glasses with grooves and patterns, decorative glasses with bubbles, unique styles with coloured glasses, slim or bubble-shaped, tall as well as lower glasses. You'll find the red wine glass to suit your taste in our range. Whether you like the very romantic, the minimalist or the incredibly elegant. Sizes are available too, and you'll find red wine glasses that can hold anything from 25 cl to 55 cl. Choose the glass size that matches your other glasses and for a stylish table setting to your taste. The glasses can be bought in packs of either 4 or 6. Several of the glasses are also available as white wine glasses or water glasses, for example, so you can match all your glasses on the dinner table. You can also mix and match if you want a unique and personal table, combining different shapes, shades and sizes.

Set the table with your new glasses or stand in the kitchen and enjoy the scent of those lovely grapes while you cook. The red wine glass can be brought out for a cosy dinner, larger parties as well as on an ordinary everyday. Why not raise a toast over the dinner table and enjoy a good glass of red wine with your Friday dinner? When you drink red wine, it's all about treating yourself. It's a drink you can really enjoy and goes well with a wide variety of meats and dishes. And why not enjoy red wine in style? It's easy to do so with a beautiful red wine glass, which, with its optimal shape, also adds to the taste of the wine itself.

If you buy your red wine glasses at ByDahlLiving, we give you free shipping on purchases over DKK 299. Take a closer look at the range here in the webshop and discover many great glasses for red wine on offer. You will find beautiful red wine glasses for every taste and style.

Find many great red wine glass offers

Red wine, which is technically fermented fruit juice, actually dates back more than 6000 years. Archaeological findings have proven that as many thousands of years ago, red wine was produced in Armenia. Within Europe, red wine was first produced in Greece - around 4,500 years ago. However, much has changed in the storage and production of red wine since then - for example, it is now stored in cardboard rather than bottles. Equally, there have been changes in how wine is drunk.

In fact, the modern wine glass is only about 40 years old. However, the technique of making wine glasses by mouth-blowing is ancient. This technique dates back to Egypt some 4000-6000 years ago. Many of the red wine glasses in our range are also produced using mouth-blowing. This technique gives you a unique glass with special details. There may be small air bubbles in the glass - but overall, no two glasses are exactly the same.

The red wine glass itself also has an impact on the taste of the red wine. The wine tastes different depending on the size and shape of the glass and whether it has a stem or not. Wine experts say that the less the wine smells, the bigger the glass you need. This allows the aromas to develop to the full. If the red wine has a strong aroma, you should use a smaller glass to hold on to the aroma. In our range you will find both small and larger red wine glasses. All are made of glass of really good and durable quality. So you can knock the red wine glass over on the table without it necessarily breaking.

A red wine glass is both practical and decorative. As we said, the design has a great impact on the taste of the red wine. But the look also matters for your décor and table setting. Red wine glasses should match your table style, your other glasses and your tableware such as plates. If you're setting an elegant table, it makes sense to choose red wine glasses that are also elegant by nature. If you are more into the Nordic look, you should choose rustic glasses, for example in a Nordic shade.

Your red wine glasses, also known as burgundy glasses, can be brought out for both everyday and festive occasions. It's always nice to enjoy a good glass while you're preparing food in the kitchen and chatting with your guests. It can also be nice to enjoy a tasty glass of red wine with the delicious meat you prepared on Saturday night.

Having a party? Then of course you need good red wine. The vast majority of guests will appreciate it. Whether you're setting up for a wedding, birthday or anniversary, the red wine glasses should match the table setting beautifully. Choose a smoke coloured glass on a low base for a Nordic and rustic table. Go with a stained glass in bright purple for the colourful and unique festive table. If you want to keep it simple, choose a red wine glass in clear glass but with a pattern or fine details such as grooves in the glass. There are many options, and it's up to you whether you want the red wine glass to match the other glasses on the table, or mix and match several styles. You can also use wine glasses for the kids to have fun drinking soft drinks or lemonade.

Shop your red wine glass deals for the home online at ByDahlLiving. We carry many fine glasses online from brands such as Broste Copenhagen. You'll always find great red wine glasses for your collection cheaply and at a great price.

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